Safe Natural Sleeping Aid based on New Theory

Eleotin Kalimera Therapy for the Treatment of Insomnia and Depression,

with No Record of Failure*

*as of March 2020


1. For Jet lag or Insomnia

-Take two hours before you want to sleep: two capsules of Eleotin Kalimera detox with two capsules of Eleotin Kalimera Hypno


2. For Severe Insomnia

Take two hours before you want to sleep: two capsules of Eleotin Kalimera detox with three capsules of Eleotin Kalimera Hypno with Eleotin Phytospirin (a natural pain killer)


It is recommended to go to bed by 9 pm if possible.  

Read below for the principles behind the products and most effective ways to use them.

(Psalms 127:2 – It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.)

Our company has long been preparing the theoretical bases for this product, as well as perfecting the manufacturing process. We now confidently present it for your future health potential. This therapy is absolutely safe and a very effective way to address insomnia and depression. We hope you try it.


Beginning Words: The Theoretical Background

In Greek, Eleotin means ‘God’s grace’ and Kalimera means ‘good morning.’


That is, the product name itself means welcoming the morning with grace. For this to happen, you need the proper secretion of dopamine in the morning. This requires the proper secretion of melatonin at night, and this, in turn, requires healthy reconstruction of your brain’s circuitry.


1.You should be able to quit all sleeping pills through this therapy.


It is already well known that the efficacy of most sleeping pills wear off to nothing in the long run, and the pills actively harm your brain. They become root causes of dementia, behavioral disorders, and depression. For women in particular (although men are affected also), when metabolic syndrome, anxiety, and depression is accompanied by the long term use of sleeping pills, dementia will almost certainly occur eventually.



2-1. Eleotin Kalimera therapy works quickly.


Most people sleep soundly the first day of treatment.. However, our goal is to take it one step further.

The point is not to simply inject chemicals into the brain to forcefully induce sleep but to change the problematic brain circuitry, enabling you within six months to comfortably fall asleep without sleeping pills or even our own products.

Eventually, you will not need anything to sleep properly. Our products have excellent health benefits with no danger of side effects. But eventually you will not need even them to enjoy a good night’s sleep.  


2-2. The theoretical basis is “Neuroplasticity” and three or four other theories.


“Neuroplasticity” is a theory that has recently become the orthodox norm in the United States. I will preset only its conclusion. 

“Dopamine secretion and the related brain circuitry is adjusted using small sensations of satisfaction and achievement. The brain circuity has been damaged by feelings like despondency, dissatisfaction, insecurity, fear and so on. Frequently experiencing such happy sensations can help the brain circuitry heal and relearn the proper way.”

The key words here are “small”, “new”, “frequent, and “satisfaction. The opposite of these are “big”, “repetitive and dull,” “singular”, and “overwhelming.”


For example,

– Walking ‘a’ number of steps before 5 p.m. every day.

– ‘b’ number of squats and pushups.

– Yoga and Pilates for ‘c’ minutes.

– To memorize ‘d’ number of Bible verse.

– Successfully remembering the verse memorized yesterday (Psalms 119:148)

– Giving thanks ‘e’ times a day.

– Avoiding alcohol and coffee.

– Avoiding eat salty and spicy food,

– Avoiding snacks,

– Losing 2 kg a month by halving carbohydrates intake.

– Avoiding television or cell phone use after 7 p.m.

– Closing your eyes in a dark room after 9 p.m.

– Getting up without an alarm before 6 o’clock in the morning, and so on.


This is what I mean, small and satisfactory goals.

I must emphasize again that you should not set too big of a goal. It is key to set small, achievable, and satisfactory goals. Setting grand goals that result in frustration and feelings of failure will have the opposite effect of what we want to achieve. (But setting such small goals can be hard when we live in a culture that praises overachievement.)

Don’t’ tell yourself, “I will walk 10,000 steps before 5 p.m.” But set a much smaller goal like walking 3,000 steps, and maybe five push-ups. This way you can achieve “small goals” many times and feel “small satisfaction” many times.

By achieving small goals like these, and feeling sensations of satisfaction and achievement frequently through the day, you can heal your brain and repair your brain circuitry. The point is to

You achieve the small goals like mentioned above within the daily life, and then the sense of satisfaction and achievement continues to be felt several times. Avoid making firm resolutions and the feelings of frustrations that follow. Doing this does more harm than good.

Confucian cultures place great importance on serious commitments to grandiose resolutions but this is not healthy to the brain at all. Achieving small moments of happiness through easily accomplished goals are key to this therapy. Anyone appealing to your need to commit to a dramatic resolution is being counterproductive to your therapy, and is just trying to sell medicine.

You will need about six months. The basis of this theory is that you can permanently fix the issue of insomnia and depression, and they can be fixed permanently.

Lie down, close my eyes, and mutter in a low voice over and over thanking for the little achivement I’ve made today.


3. It’s an obvious fact: you need to get rid of the things that harm your sleep. To be more exact, you need to invest in creating the best environment for sleep.

A good environment will dark, quiet, well ventilated, and maintain a slightly cool temperature maintained of 22-23 degrees Celsius (or between 71.6 to 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

Many people find helpful white noises such as the sound of the fan or waves. (I personally listen to a recorded speeches such as history lectures or a sermon).

Snoring (or sleep apnea) should be treated in advance of this therapy.

Sleep needs to be an important priority in your life. A great evil of modern civilization has been to antagonize sleep. People are impressed when a known genius or a successful businessman declares he only sleeps four hours a night. It’s a very harmful societal reaction. When I see such declaration, I think, “He or she is seriously ill.” There’s no such thing as a short, but deep and refreshing sleep. People need to sleep a lot. You need to change your thinking to ‘Sleeping is the goal, the healthier sleeper wins, and the healthier sleep is profitable.’

Invest in your bedroom environment including acquiring a comfortable bed, and pleasant pillows, bedding, and pajamas. This is the part of your home where should invest the most. It actually makes sense to invest the most in the place where you will spend the largest portion of the day.


4. Eleotin Kalimera Therapy

After dinner, two to three hours before you go to bed, take one two capsules of Eleotin Kalimera and two capsules of Eleotin Kalimera Hypno. If you’re too sleepy the next day, try taking the combination earlier in the day.

Product image: Kalimera / Kalimera Hypno


Even without following the recommendations mentioned earlier, you will be able to sleep well. But if you achieve the small sense of accomplishment, then you will feel particularly refreshed and renewed in the morning.


5. Proven chemical / physiological modes of action in the Eleotin Kalimera Therapy – the synergy effect

Let me explain here why this simple therapy works so well.


5-1. Hormone Control

Through this therapy, dopamine is released in the morning, and endorphins are released throughout the day, and. So you wake up feeling excited about starting the day, and feel creative and happy during the day.

Once you start experiencing each day like that, the circuitry in the brain continuously improves. You become a new person. (I think, from a physiological aspect, the experience of religious renewal is actually a full repair of the brain circuit.)


5-2. Reducing Insulin Resistance

If your brain suffers from insulin resistance, problems like hypnotic poisoning, perpetuation of insomnia, sugar addiction, and dementia are inevitable. Our company has the monopoly on the technology that reduces insulin resistance with natural herbs, not only in the body but also in the brain. It is follows we have a monopoly on this natural therapy for sleep.


5-3. Technical Cooperation with China (Tsinghua University and other experts) and Vietnam

Drug addiction crippled China after the Opium Wars during the 1800’s. Since then, China focused heavily on using Traditional Chinese Medicine to counteract addiction. The result was cutting edge treatments for addiction already established and accepted scientifically. has already been proven.

As you know, our company, which has been working with China’s top researchers for a long time. We have applied their leading natural treatment technology to our products.

I have also mentioned from time to time, how I have borrowed from a Vietnamese colleague the natural method for addressing morphine addiction using high quality herbs. (, and I’ve also borrowed a Vietnamese friend’s know-how that solves opium poisoning with natural and high-quality herbs. (In fact, there were a lot of overlap with our original P-700 formula.)


5-4. We use the most ideal melatonin.

As far as we know, only one company manufactures pure melatonin and has monopoly on it. An Italian pharmaceutical company exclusively produces pure melatonin. Melatonin produced in other factories contains serotonin, an impurity. The problem with serotonin is that it has the opposite effect to melatonin. But the process of removing it completely from the melatonin is costly, so other manufacturers do not bother. (This oversight causes no problem in selling the cheaper melatonin.) As a result, most consumers ingest a directly counteractive hormone along with the melatonin, experiencing reduced efficacy and being exposed to a lot of side effects. In our view, the capacity of melatonin products sold in the market is not at all accurate.


Eleotin Kalimera Hypno uses the melatonin produced by this one Italian manufacturer. It is an expensive and high quality substance that does not contain serotonin.


Please refer to below for melatonin, often called the elixir of the modern age.


Note: The role of melatonin in anti-cancer treatments and dementia prevention (from a post in Naver)


5-5. Adjusting the Circadian Rhythm

Eleotin Kalimera controls the biological rhythm associated with intestinal activity. Therefore, it helps with gut detox and constipation. Eleotin Kalimera Hypno regulates the biological rhythm associated with brain activity. So, the two products are very effective in simultaneously adjusting both the digestive system and the brain’s biorhythms. They are favorites among airline employees.

(Personally, I travel extensively for work and always had difficulty with jet lag. I can testify that this problem has disappeared to the extent my own family is amazed.)


Note 1: Additional recommendations for improved sleep – Detox baths using Epsom salt.

Fill bathtub with warm water between 27 and 32 degrees Celsius (80.6 and 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit), add one teaspoon coconut oil, up to five drops of lavender oil, and two cups Epsom salt and mix it well into the water. Then soak for at least twelve minutes, and up to an hour. This helps increase magnesium levels, relieve muscle pain, treat colds, and above all, helps relax the mind and body so you can sleep better.


Note 2: If the above therapies are not enough…

Please take one or two capsules of our natural pain reliever, Eleotin Phytospirin, around 4:00 p.m.

PhytoSpirinThe aspirin sold in drugstore is a chemical reproduction of a herb’s mode of action. It is a very good medicine, but foundation limitations remain in chemical treatments. Our product is a natural product made of the original herb from which aspirin derived.

Think of it this way. No matter how fine a chemical is derived from rice, the best way to get the benefits is to eat good quality rice itself.


These methods are far superior than any chemical treatments for insomnia, depression, and anxiety. We can conclude that Eleotin Kalimera therapy is probably the only way to permanently change the circuitry in the brain without any side effects. As far as we know, it has no conflict with any Western prescription drugs, and is overall an extremely safe treatment.

We have accumulated a lot of research regarding this treatment. I will continue to introduce you.

Eleotin® Kalimera Hypno (60)