Diabetes is so-called ‘the health catastrophe in 21st century’.

Diabetes not only destroys personal lives but also causes significant decline in work productivity and life expectancy, so that it derives ‘national crisis’. Worldwide, there are 200 million diabetes patients, not including those who do not know that they have it. In the next decade, the projected number of people with diabetes is expected to reach over 250 million.

Compliances of diabetes are also dynamic; cancer, hypertension, liver and kidney failure, and eye and dental diseases. Of course, there are tremendous amount of expenses for these problems. Some statistics proves that 40% of the entire national medical care costs is related to the treatment of diabetes and its complications.

Diabetes is not only the leading cause of kidney failure, but it is also the leading cause of blindness. Among Americans between the ages of 25 and 70, it is the number one leading cause of blindness. It also increases the chances of having and dying from cardiovascular disease and stroke. The probability of dying from stroke and cardiovascular disease is increased by 400 % in people with diabetes, and 2 out of 3 people with diabetes die from heart disease and stroke. Diabetes also damages the nervous system. Approximately 60-70% of diabetics have some form of nervous system damage. This is especially a concern for males because diabetic males usually have trouble functioning sexually. Erections involve blood flow and nerves. Because diabetes causes nerve damage and affects blood flow, many males struggle with sexual dysfunction. The first question doctors ask when a patient complains of erectile dysfunction is, “Do you have diabetes?” According to statistics, more than half of male sexual dysfunction comes from diabetes. In addition, diabetes is a major risk factor for amputation. Sixty percent of amputations in the US occur among people with diabetes. This means that each year, 82 000 amputations are performed on people with diabetes.

Once again Canada has hit world headlines with a pathfinding discovery in the reversal of diabetes. The University of Calgary in Alberta and Eastwood Biomedical Research Inc (EBMR) in in British Columbia have finally released the results of twenty years of research in the development of a herbal complex labelled P-700 that restores diabetics suffering from NIDDM (non-insulin dependant diabetes mellitus). According to the results ii of the latest trials, there is a 98% statistical chance that patients taking the tea (now named Eleotin) can expect major blood glucose level (BGL) drops, or a return to near normal or normal levels of blood glucose even after the intake of Eleotin is discontinued (true for 70% of participants) iii. More significantly, 30-40% of those who returned to normal BGL’s have remained so for six years, another 30-40% became mildly diabetic again over 2-3 years while the balance relapsed mildly around six months. However, recommencing Eleotin at minimal use (one-quarter of previous dosage) was found to once again bring BGL’s back to normal.

Moreover, several cases of the improvement and/or actual reversal of advanced retinopathy (some of which had culminated in recent blindness), plus significant repair of diabetic induced stroke have been observed. Australian scientists, who independently examined Eleotin’s effects in Australia, comment “In 1921 Canada captured world headlines in diabetic research when Drs. Banting and McLeod of the University of Toronto received Nobel Prize for the first isolation of insulin. This time the news is even better.”

P700 is known to REVERSE diabetes with no side effects. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs and treatments, P700 is a fundamental and long term solution for Diabetics. It offers permanent change, as opposed to temporary control of Diabetes. With the consistent remarkable clinical outcome with the use of P-700 in diabetes mellitus, an infocommercial video on it will be released in July 2003 in the U.S. A nationwide TV campaign is planned to make the U.S. public aware of the safety and effectiveness of P-700 in the management of diabetes. About 270 operators from Boston are going to be ready to answer queries from interested viewers across the U.S. With the almost epidemic proportions of diabetes mellitus, it would be fair to expect a phenomenal response from this U.S. awareness campaign on a natural anti-diabetic herbal complex that has proven its superiority both in safety and effectiveness.

Eleotin® is a safe health food that restores the body’s own ability to control blood glucose levels. It is an all-natural, safe, and gentle herbal product with no harmful side-effects. Eleotin® gently helps to control blood glucose levels not only temporarily, but also results in long-term permanent or semipermanent molecular level changes. These changes assist the body to recover glucose metabolism normalcy. Eleotin®‘s usage may then be diminished or eliminated as the body restores its own ability to control blood glucose levels.

It is proven that 70% of Type 2 diabetics (NIDDM – Non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus) patients who used  Eleotin® have normalized and maintained their glucose level and treated most of complications within 6 month to 1 year, even though they stopped taking Eleotin® after.

Young Soo Kim

Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Inc. CEO