Insulin Resistance and Concentration

Whoever concerned about early childhood education must have at least once heard about the “Stanford Marshmallow Experiment”. Psychologist Walter Mischel developed the “marshmallow test” in the 1960s as a way of studying preschoolers’ ability to delay gratification. Children were left alone in a room, sitting in front of a single marshmallow, and provided with a bell that they could ring at any time to call back the researcher and then eat the marshmallow. But if they could refrain until the researcher came back of her own accord, they would be given two marshmallows.

The striking results then appeared 12 years later.  The preschoolers who chose to eat the marshmallow without waiting for the researcher to come back (for the chance to have another one) showed a strong tendency of displaying a number of adolescent problems, whereas those who chose to wait until the researcher to come back (to get another reward) showed significantly fewer cases of similar problems. As well, those who were able to delay gratification performed much better academically than those who were not. As this research experiment has shown, we would easily agree that self-control is key to success. That said, however, have you ever seriously considered the possibility of having a significantly lower level of self-control for some children simply due to the lack of well-balanced metabolic ability? Specifically speaking, children with insulin resistance will have to go through more challenging steps/hardship towards having a sense of achievement. How would you like to care for your own children had your children in the same situation?

Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Inc. has researched and developed a natural herbal product whose therapeutic effects are not only known to be safe, but also proven scientifically in reducing insulin resistance. Eleotin® Neuro Health has been specifically developed to focus on improving neural health by restoring brain cells.

Eleotin® does not work to reduce the symptoms in such simplistic ways, rather it helps normalize the body’s metabolic ability such that our overall health will be improved. More specifically, Eleotin® Neuro Health focuses on smoothing the circulation of blood in your system as well as on improving neural health by restoring brain cells. If children with metabolic problems take this specially developed herbal product in complement to regular active exercise and healthy diet, it will be great help of developing a sense of achievement as well as self-control.

According to recent research studies, the brain size of the children with metabolic problems such as high blood sugar level and obesity, is known to be smaller than that of healthy children. It would be a common sense for most people to believe that the brain size is not correlated with intelligence. However, it is not the case. Healthy brains are larger in size and heavier in weight. On the other hand, brains with a number of problems weight relatively less. Thus, children with smaller brains will have to suffer from a variety of health issues for their entire lives.

The brain of Alzheimer’s patients tends to shrink in volume and becomes lighter in weight as its condition progresses. Recently, more cases of Alzheimer’s are reported even in children, and high blood glucose is known to be the underlying root cause. Since Alzheimer’s is also strongly connected to insulin resistance, Alzheimer’s can also be grouped as ‘Type 3 diabetes.’ If your children are performing poorly in school and displaying memory loss problems, it is advised to check their blood glucose levels immediately.

Since the metabolic rate in children is high, high blood glucose doesn’t generally cause obesity in children. Thus, even slim children can have high blood glucose. You have to be cautious in believing that your child is safe from becoming diabetic or obese just because he or she is underweighted. Regardless of being overweighted or underweighted, it is most likely that your child has insulin resistance, if he or she indulges in taking junk foods with high glycemin index such as candies or soft drinks, and displays a low level of self-control or attention deficit.

Our Eleotin® Neuro Health has been developed as a solution to such problems. It resolves the very issues of insulin resistance in the safest way possible by normalizing the metabolic function for children so that children can attain self-control skills as well as improve their attention. Most importantly, Eleotin® Neuro Health will prevent our children from developing diabetes and obesity.