The Secret Behind Natural Detox

Regular bowel movements are not only part of a satisfactory morning routine, but also the fundamental core of good health.

(※ Coprostasis that is rather disgusting to look at. It’s common to observe such hardened feces leave the body after taking Eleotin® Kalimera. Please do not be alarmed if this should happen.)

Professor Kellogg, famous for inventing Kellogg’s cereals, stated all modern diseases are caused by civilization, and most such diseases actually stem from irregular bowel movements and constipation. Eastern and Western medical philosophies have both held since the beginning of science and medicine, that poor bowel health is the source of many diseases.

The incidence of poor bowel health is particularly high today, due to the features of modern day life: stress, sedentary lifestyles, the consequent lack of exercise, and insufficient natural fibers in our diets. A key problem is a person’s mistaken belief that he has regular bowel movements, when in reality his body is harboring a massive amount of coprostasis (packed, harden feces in the intestines). It is not uncommon to see cases where a person holds twenty kilograms of coprostasis in the intestines without showing any symptoms.

Diabetes patients and people who consume over one hundred kilograms of sugar a year are especially at risk. When there are high levels of sugar in the body, the sticky sugar sticks to intestinal walls and causes fecal impaction. As the pictures shows, this pressures the intestines and ugly pockets of coprostasis form. As long as the coprostasis remains in the body, it continuously spews toxins into the body. The body then becomes a habitat for noxious microorganisms (bacteria, and even parasites). To add to the obvious danger, the harmful bacteria always defeat the good.

To worsen matters, the ingestion of highly toxic substances such as artificial chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides is another major contributing factor to coprostasis. Coprostasis does not leave the body on its own. It remains inside for a long time, becoming increasingly noxious, and discharging toxins throughout whole body. The fecal lumps continue to deteriorate the body, causing increasingly serious problems that include sallow skin tones, obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

This process is especially damaging to diabetes patients. Coprostasis harm the nerves surrounding the intestines. The high blood glucose levels it causes also confuse nerve signaling and this tends to result in autonomic neuropathy. As a result, the intestines cannot exert itself when it needs to and constipation follows. Prescription drugs for diabetes only aggravate the constipation problem. Constipation and irregular bowel movement is bad for everybody. But when constipation leads to coprostasis in diabetes patients, the coprostasis continuously releases high levels of sugar, making blood glucose control and diabetes treatment difficult for the patient.

Laxatives are not a long-term solution. The body becomes tends to develop resistance and dependencies on them. Once this happens, the required time for excretion increases, and the quantities of excretion decrease. Laxatives then become mandatory for any bowel movements to happen. There are enterostomal therapies where various liquids, including liquids mixed with coffee or yogurt, are injected into the colon and pushed throughout the large intestines. But this treatment frequently only further damages intestinal walls and mucous membranes that are already injured.

Diabetes or no, the most straightforward way to fight constipation is to increase the levels of good bacteria in the body by ingesting as much probiotic foods (such as yogurt and kimchi) as you can. It is also important to get enough water, exercise, and unprocessed fruits and vegetables (for their fibers).

In addition to all these, Eleotin® Kalimera (Kalimera means “Good Morning” in Greek) contains an abundance of the following specialty health ingredients:

  1. Aloe. Many countries around the world recognize aloe as a safe laxative that expedites safe bowel movements. Not only does aloe contain high quality fibers, but it is also beneficial for its anthraquinone compounds.
  2. Konjak (or elephant yam). The glucomannan in Konjak aids bowel movement and lowering cholesterol.
  3. Alfalfa. Animals in the wild naturally seek out alfalfa when constipated.
  4. Eleotin® Kalimera. Eleotin® Kalimera contains extracts of the above ingredients. It not only dissolves the coprostasis, but expands when it reaches the intestines helping to accelerate bowel movement and strengthen the intestines.

The result is a long list of health benefits: increased vitality, better skin, weight loss, reduced abdominal inflation, decreased medication, and even improved eyesight and decreased hair loss. There have also been many people who have enjoyed reductions in menstrual pains, migraine pains, and cold symptoms, and also improved cognitive skills.

Eleotin® Kalimera is 100% made of high quality natural ingredients, and is scientifically proven to safely help curb the excessive appetites of obese people. It has also been shown to be especially effective in help- ing to control blood glucose levels. Adults should take two or three capsules three times a day with plenty of water. They should also eat enough fiber and probiotics such as (sugarless) yogurt and kimchi, exercise moderately, and massage your lower abdomen for five minutes before you sleep at night and right after you awake in the morning.

This is a must-have item for diabetes patients. But Eleotin® Kalimera is still 100% safe for people without the disease. It has been especially helpful for stressed students, and people who work in offices, or often travel for work.

As of 2015, Eleotin® Kalimera may be the only known detox cleanse product on the market that is scientifically proven safe, even for diabetes patients, and also designed to aid healthy blood glucose control.

You will be surprised by the amount of waste that leaves your body in the morning (also two or three times throughout the day). Within two or three days, you will notice a dark material with a particularly bad odor. You should not be too surprised considering that this coprostasis contains all the horrible objects that have accumulated in your body for a long time.

Taking Eleotin® Kalimera prior to other Eleotin® products, improves and the effects of the latter. This is consistent with advice of many world famous doctors who tell patients to cleanse the body of toxins before beginning a new treatment or exercise for improving one’s health.