2. What should we do when we are forced to be exposed to fine dust?

There is a lot of controversy over how much masks and air purifiers protect us from fine dust.

On a policy level, the government should work to reduce fine dust from the air of the entire nation.

Individuals should wear masks and air purifiers at least, but first of all, the healthy release of heavy metals from the body is more effective long term. Therefore, heavy metal detoxes should be done frequently and regularly.

You should drink a lot of good water while eating the food below often:

Green leaf vegetables (broccoli sprouts, kale, spinach…), turmeric, cilantro, seaweeds, onions pickled in garlic vinegar, antioxidants, high-quality omega-3s (if the quality is not good, it contains a lot of heavy metals)

I would particularly recommend flax seed oil because it breaks down the fat deposited in the body and releases heavy metals from the fat out of the body. The majority of experts in women’s breast cancer says that the biggest cause of the breast cancer is heavy metals accumulated in the breast tissue. Flax seed oil also has a special effect of breast cancer prevention and treatment. As mentioned earlier, women have many part where fat accumulates for the long-term. So women have to pay much more attention to heavy metal detoxes.

And I would like to recommend a variety of high-end products to activate intestinal probiotics.

(The efficacy of probiotics is not in heavy metal detoxes, but preventing heavy metals from entering the blood vessels and absorbing heavy metals from the blood through the intestinal bacteria. For healthy people, 50% of heavy metal detoxing is done this way .)