4. Cautionary pointes you must note…

*Instructions and caution

This product has a very powerful detox effect. So if you are taking any medication (especially any Western pharmaceutical ones), you need to definitively prepared that its effectiveness may be reduced drastically.

In severe cases, you can lose your life. If you are taking blood pressure medicine while taking this product, the effect of the medication disappears and your blood pressure will rapidly increase. This will be the same with other kinds of medication.

So you should take this product early in the morning, and drink a lot of water. And then take other prescription drugs at least two hours later.

To see the full detox of this product, take a capsule while you are drinking alcohol and urinate occasionally. You will experience a surge in your drinking capacity. This is because the alcohol component binds to the various components of this product and is expelled out of the body. (In many cases, the medicinal ingredients of other drugs are released like this way.)

As you use this product fat deposits melts (which is great for dieting), and the heavy metals in the fat cells are released through the blood together with the fat when you use this product.

So in the short term, your body can be in bad shape. You should be aware that the symptoms like weight loss, fatigue, and acne can be quite severe. And people with chronic diseases may experience their symptoms worsening. This is why you should drink more water than usual. Since Eleotin® Katharos has a strong diuretic effect, drinking a lot of water can help expel poison out of the body. Of course, this product has a special effect on reducing body fat. In particular, the bad fat heavy metals accumulation is emitted, having a special effect on long-term health promotion.

* The combination of Eleotin® Katharos intake and so-called ‘mud therapy’ and ‘bath detox therapy’ works very well. Although Eastwood carries these, it is cheaper and has the same effect even if you buy it yourself in bulk. And it is said that making and using it on your own for your health helps your health as a whole.

You should apply on your whole body a cream made by mixing the following ratios: one part water, one part bentonite mud one part epsom. Leave the cream on for over 5 minutes, then enter a hot bath. Put a spoonful of Calcium Ascorbate  into the both, (or a small bottle of Vita 500) and sit in it twice, for over five minutes each time.

You should do a scrub with hemp cloth. (Western countries usually use a hog hair brush. So if it’s hard to get hemp cloth, you can use an Italian towel.) If you do this regularly, it has a very good effect on heavy metal detoxes.