5. What is the relationship between autism and brain disease?

Heavy metal addiction, brain disease, autism, and development disorders

There are several definitions of heavy metals, and it is convenient to define them as toxic metals that accumulate in fat.

We have body parts where a lot of fat has accumulated. These toxic metals accumulate in those parts. By the way, we have a purely fatty organ in our bodies: the brain.

Of course, heavy metals don’t run anywhere else once they get into the blood, but they go directly to the brain. So they enter the fat tissue that forms the brain and then release toxicity from there for a long time. This inevitably leads to serious problems.

I would like to give you a very subjective story here. It is okay that someone says the story is not scientific at all. However, this story stems from the confidence of the writer who has watched several patients.

Positive thoughts, grateful attitudes, love for others…Negative thoughts, sarcastic attitudes, grudges…All these are related to how much heavy and for how long heavy metals remain in the brain and continues to emit toxicity, or release…I affirm that these are related to heavy metal levels.

I feel that it is absolutely important to train someone from an early age to practice positive thinking, and to have cheerful and challenging thoughts.