[BC Biotchnology Alliance] “Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Inc.”

Vancouver, August, 1998: Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Inc. (EBMR), a Canadian company has recently developed a new herbal treatment for safely controlling blood glucose levels. After numerous years of research and animal and human tests, EBMR has managed to produce a unique blend of herbs known as ELEOTIN®, (pronounced elly-o-tin). Company spokesperson Louis Picco said EBMR sees ELEOTIN® as helping to provide a solution to the global problem of diabetes affecting over 100 million people worldwide.

Initially developed at the University of Calgary, ELEOTIN® produced consistent results from both animal and human trials. In human tests, most users have experienced significant reductions in blood sugar levels. For example, one test showed an average decrease in blood glucose levels of 59% (from 405 to 164 mmol/L). The same study also revealed that seventy percent of the usersí sugar levels decreased to near normal levels. In addition, tests have shown that ELEOTIN®’s positive effects on blood glucose levels are present even 3 months after users discontinue drinking the herbal tea.

Unlike existing treatments that have only one or two modes of action, ELEOTIN® has a Combination Approach. This Combination Approach consists of three different herbal blends that increase the amount of insulin secretion, improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin, and strengthen the health of the pancreas. EBMR believes that this combination of herbs produces a synergistic effect that helps the body to maintain sugar levels naturally and without adverse side effects. ELEOTIN®’s scientific development and testing distinguish it from other types of herbal remedies. Since it is marketed as a dietary supplement, users do not require a prescription.

Due to the difficulty in securing the rare wild herbs that are free from toxic chemicals and pesticides, ELEOTIN® carries a price reflective of the quality and efficacy of the product. For a reduction in blood glucose levels and an improvement in health, users have shown they are willing to pay for a product that works.

Backing up ELEOTIN®’s scientific trials results are the testimonials from satisfied users. Preliminary users have been very pleased with this new product. They have reported that the complications they had prior to using ELEOTIN® have been eliminated or substantially relieved. One user said “my blood glucose level dropped down to 83 [from around 360 mmol/L]. My complexion was brighter, smoother than ever before. I felt as if I was walking on the air”

With its unique Combination Approach and scientific development and testing, ELEOTIN® is the natural choice for glucose control.