Brain Drain – The effects of Diabetes on Dementia.

Medireport banner on the effects of Diabetes on Dementia & Alzheimers


A new study has been released stating that those who develop Diabetes in mid life, have an increased chance of developing dementia & Alzheimer’s disease in later life. The study focused on the loss of brain volume, a key link between Diabetes and mild cognitive impairment.
Dementia develops over a long period of time and thse affected with diabetes had their conditions exacerbated b the condition.
Although research is still ongoing, there is no known cure for dementis/Alzheimers. A high profile campaign, fronted by actor Seth Rogen, has recently begun in a quest to increase funding levels and aid the search for a cure. Even if the request for increased funding is granted, a cure or more effective treatment is still quite a ways away.
This is why it’s so important to take care of your brain and the importance of prevention and control of diabetes.
Taking care now and following a healthy diet & exercise regime combined with Eleotin products, will pay dividends in the future!