Canada Leads the Fight against Diabetes


Canada Leads the Fight against Diabetes

One of the greatest gifts Canada has given the world is Dr. Frederick Grant Banting’s research that led to the discovery of insulin in 1921.  In commemoration of the 90th anniversary of his achievement, a three-metre high sculpture has been unveiled at Banting House National Historic Site of Canada located in London, Ontario.

“Canada is at the forefront of the effort to improve the quality of life for the millions of people around the world living with diabetes.  We wouldn’t be where we’re at had it not been for Banting’s brilliant idea,” said Michael Cloutier, President of the Canadian Diabetes Association.

He added that the sculpture would serve as a symbol of the ongoing research conducted around the world in search of a cure for diabetes, and how the world continues to look to Canada as world class experts in the field of diabetes management and research.

Recently, Banting has been voted the fourth greatest Canadian of all time in CBC’s The Greatest Canadian Contest.  He also received Maclean’s magazine’s prestigious title of greatest Canadian innovators for discovering insulin.  At the time of his discovery, diabetes was a slow but sure death sentence that generally affected people under the age of 30.  For delivering hope to them, he became the youngest person ever to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1923.

Many Canadian researchers have carried on the proud Canadian legacy of pioneering breakthroughs in diabetes research.  Following in the footsteps of Dr. Banting, scientists are working towards improving health for people suffering from the global diabetes epidemic.

Among them, one who has played a pivotal role in changing the way diabetes is treated is presented the Frederick G. Banting Award.  The annual award is paving the road to diabetes cures by recognizig a significant contribution to either preventing diabetes or to improving the quality of life of individuals affected by diabetes.


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