Fancy a cuppa?

A new study performed by Stefan Borgwardt, MD, Ph.D at University of Basel in Switzerland, shows that drinking green tea’s can enhance memory performance and have important implications for the neuropsychiatric disorders, including cognitive impairment. In simpler terms it can improve brain power and help prevent memory loss & the onset of Alzheimer’s.

The benefits of Green tea have been known for centuries by Asian apothecaries and we here at Eastwood Companies draw inspiration from this knowledge. Many people are unaware of the link between Diabetes & Alzheimer’s and how looking after the body, also looks after the brain.

Our Eleotin® Neuro-Health formula, contains many of the important nutrients as green tea and works in a similar way. Our Eleotin® MB pre-brewed tea also uses Green Tea as a blueprint to expand, improve and build upon.

Green tea would be a great way to start caring for your body; however adding Eleotin® to your diet will improve many aspects of your mental and physical health.