Recent Developments of Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Canada Inc.


Recent Developments of Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Canada Inc.

1. Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Canada Inc. (The Canadian Subsidiary of EBMR. EBMC, hereinafter) is likely to attain approximately 2,500% growth in yearly sales in terms of consolidated financial statements.  Dr. Youngsoo Kim, CEO, says that this abnormal growth is not a sign of any ‘real’ improvements, but a sign that EBMC’s had been kept artificially, ‘unnaturally’ quiet in previous years.  He says that this means that EBMC have just abandoned the artificially quiet behaviour, and have started to behave ‘normally’.

2. EBMC was awarded an approval to allow it to claim “Normalization (as opposed to control) of Blood Glucose Level”

3. EBMR, the mother company, began to transfer hard assets, such as office buildings & inventories into ownership of EBMC.
4. EMBR and EBMC succeeded in adding a few exciting new products.
5. There were a few newspaper reports on our companies and our products.  These are not advertisements, but third party reports.
6. Our consultants will contact all the investors to discuss the above progress and its’ implications.  We encourage all the investors to spend enough time with our consultants.  We thank them again for putting trust in us and joining us in our future.



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