Vicious Circle of Belly Fat:

Vicious Circle of Belly Fat: “From fat to fatter”

We all know that belly fat causes numerous serious health problems; heart disease, diabetes and stroke, etc.

Scientists have also discovered that belly fat cells produce the most potent appetite inducing hormone known as Neuropeptide Y (NPY). In the past, NPY was believed to be produced only by the brain.

Researchers now consider belly fat to be an active endocrine organ and not simply cells with waiting to be burned.

Belly fat also releases fatty acids into the bloodstream and secretes inflammatory molecules inside the abdomen; this causes systematic inflammation and insulin resistance.

In other words, belly fat produces some stuffs that make more belly fat later which produce more of those stuffs that make even more belly fat…A vicious circle is being formed around belly fat.

There is only one scientifically proven ‘natural’ way to cut this vicious circle which is ‘Eleotin’.

Eleotin works in a slow gradual manner because it attacks the very heart of the metabolic imbalance that exists for overweight people. Although the weight loss is gradual and consistent once it starts, people have indicated that this weight loss is more permanent in nature. It helps lose fats in areas that you don’t want them and maintain the weight loss instead of gaining the weight back right away. This is due to improvement of insulin usage done by this formula.

Eleotin Mb Concentrated Capsules

1.Afternoon Formula (cleansing)
: This formula cleanses the blood system by removing dead cells and fats through diuresis. It will also help remove toxins or “garbage” in your system twice as much.
2.Evening Formula (repair) : This formula will assist in restoring any nutritional imbalances that a person may have. It is best to be taken before bed time where natural repair stage of our body takes place.

Eleotin Mb Pre-Brewed Tea 

1. Improves Insulin Sensitivity & Energy Consumption
2. Stimulates Insulin Production