World’s Most Advanced Fitness Socks


World’s Most Advanced Fitness Socks

I am a twice Olympian who still trains and competes later in life.  Lately, someone gave me a pair of a new revolutionary-type sock that is supposed to help peripheral circulation and stimulate reflex points in the foot, with a total improvement in the physiology of lower leg and overall “less tired” feeling of some 25%.

So I put them on and tried them out on my usual interval training bush hill climb.  This has steep pitches interspersed with flatter areas, then more and steeper pitches and so on, which is ideal for training in most sports.  The problem is that it starts fairly steep and the first anaerobic (movement without oxygen) minute or so and beyond is painful with lactic acid build-up before the aerobic cycle kicks in, and lactic acid is removed.

To my surprise, the lactic acid phase was cut in half to make my legs less painful and my legs felt particularly good for the whole session.  I did this again in the next day, with even better result.  Now I wear them about everywhere, and get less leg-tiredness and a nice ‘relaxed feeling’ in them.  I think they would improve performance, just that extra edge, in most sports.

– Dr. Michael Sichel, DO, ND, PhD.


Eleotin® Pedo-Protection Socks are the world’s most advanced fitness/ weight loss socks with cutting-edge features such as far infrared anti-slip grips on the sole.  These socks help reshape your body by improving the walking posture, lengthening the strides and enhancing workout effects.