An A+ Brain!

How to get an A+? B’ Brain-conscious.

All parents want their children to achieve A pluses inside and outside of the classroom. We believe that the key is concentration and focus.  What determines a child’s creativity and excellence is his ability to find the fun in what he does, thus finding the capability to endure the tasks they perform. Thus, children need a healthy ‘bigger’ brain. Yes, size matters here.
The brains of children who are overweight and have other metabolism disorders are smaller than those of healthy children, and are not as functional.

It’s reported that in 2013 over 10% of American students are diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The main cause for this phenomenon is insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance not only causes diabetes and obesity, but also distraction, and mental and emotional instability, all leading to poor academic achievements, personality difficulties, and eventually  unhealthy lifestyles.

Processed food, junk food, and food additives coupled with excessive calories, insufficient physical activity, and too much time with television and computers all lead to insulin resistance, then on to diabetes and obesity, and even  Alzheimer’s disease (in children!).

These children experience both hyperglycemia (too much blood sugar) and hypoglycemia (too little blood sugar) at different times of the day. In hyperglycemia, children cannot sit still even for a short period of time, and cannot focus on anything.  In hypoglycemia, they just have no energy to do anything, and obviously left with little capability to study. Their focus floats in and out, and their time is spent day dreaming.  Mood swings, hostile attitudes are also seen. Chronic fatigues develop with a craving for extremely violent and sexually stimulating computer games.

What to do to give children big healthy brains (Contact us for free DVD “How to Fight Childhood Obesity” for more information)

  1. Minimize screen (TV, computer games) times.  Earphones and headsets are to be removed.
  2. Maximize Physical Activities.  Perform calming exercise such as meditation and martial arts.
  3. Avoid foods with artificial additives. Minimize the consumption of gluten and flour products and refined sugars. Never let them drink soda! Cola is simply bad. Even diet cola, too, is bad.
  4. Use potassium added bamboo-salt or half-salt instead of regular table salt. Let them eat plenty of bananas and tomato. Let them eat Omega 3 through consuming nuts and fish. Try Spirulina.
  5. Avoid giving them the same foods too often. A variety of tastes is very helpful for brain development. Let the children experience wide variety of tastes from many different food sources.
  6. Avoid using anti-biotics.  Be careful about vaccines with mercury and aluminum preservatives.
  7. Make them consume dairy products that are rich in probiotics and Bifido Bacterium Infantis to have healthy fauna regrow in intestines.  Eleotin® Neuro Health treatment or Eleotin® Detox program is very helpful.
  8. Use Epsom salt for baths, and make them drink enough water before taking the bath to remove heavy metals.
  9. Make them take enough Vitamin A and B.
  10. Let them sleep in a dark and silent place for a better quality sleep.
  11. Make them have a big breakfast and small vegetable-oriented dinner.
  12. Let the children set their own goals for study. Not the parents.  Let the children set their own schedules for studying and playing.  Give them many small goals.  Rather than “be good at math”, give them such goals like “When are you going to do the first half of the homework?…etc”  Goals that are too big and vague will discourage them.
  13. Do not nag too much. Yes. We are talking about you.  Do not compare your children with other children. From time to time, change their study environment. For example, have them study at the library instead of at home.
  14. Make them use both hands.
  15. Let the children videotape how they study.  (Never use this to monitor them. Use this only to make them believe how cool they look when they focus on something difficult).  Let them enjoy (or show off) their brain powers in such a way like displaying their Bible verse memory, and mental math capability.

How to strengthen the brain even further?

Eleotin® Neuro-health treatment is developed for the brain health of both adults and children:

1)      World’s  No.1  doctor recommended all natural formula approved by Health Canada and FDA’s of a few other countries.  100% Safe for normal children. Recommended by several medical Associations. Lowers insulin resistance and Prevents several metabolism disorders.

2)      Good for blood vessel health in brain.  Safe and good for brain blood circulation.

3)      The healthy fiber in celery and aloe formula miraculously and gently expands, and sweeps old feces and other harmful substances out of the body. This healthy fiber also reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.  Healthy fauna regrows in guts.

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