There are many ways to lower your risk of type 2 diabetes and the dangers of cardiovascular disease that go with it is through exercising.  Many people now a days are very inactive and many jobs today require sitting for long hours in front of computers and offices.  Exercising becomes more difficult to accomplish, but is still very important and in some cases even more so because of the inactivity at work.



Exercising is important for everyone, not just people with diabetes and other disease.  Exercising can improve these conditions and even possibly eliminate some or at least stave them off for awhile.  Exercising however is a great way to control your diabetes and improve your condition.  Exercise can improve insulin requirements, lower heart disease, and help with weight loss.



More and more people are developing type 2 diabetes because of lack of exercise and poor nutrition.  Diabetes has risen almost 48% since 1980 in adults around middle age.  Some symptoms are thirst, appetite, and a need to urinate, feeling tired, possibly edgy and sick to your stomach.  Sometimes blurry vision and a tingling in your hands and feet.  The causes are not completely clear, however evidence does show that lack of a proper diet and exercise contribute to contracting the disease.  Especially people who are overweight  seem to contract it more often.  Immediately improving your diet and increasing exercise will help with this situation.



One of the first things to do is go to a health care provider to make sure of the exercise you should be doing and to make sure there are no other problems or diseases that would impede your progress or cause further damage.  If you have diabetes then the type and length of exercises may vary depending on the person, so definitely speaking with your doctor first is recommended.  Such as making sure your insulin is correct so you do not lower or increase insulin levels dangerously.



Also, start slow and increase as needed, but do not over do yourself.  Taking a walk and doing some light weight lifting to begin with may be enough.  Increasing as your resistance lowers and moving along at this pace will ensure you do not injure yourself or create any other problems.  Maybe starting with 15 minutes a day and slowly increasing this till you get to around 45 minutes a day.  15 minutes alone will make a difference in your blood glucose levels and improve your overall health.



Type 2 diabetes does not have to control your life.  Incorporating exercise into your life, eating right, and keeping a close eye on your blood sugar levels will make drastic improvements in your life and your health.  Do not let your diabetes run your life, take control and stay fit, manage the diabetes and have a happy and healthier life.

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