Eleotin® Lip Balm


People never forget about their first kiss. It’s a memory retained for romantic and sentimental reasons. But this memory is actually a highly scientific symptom easily explained by genetics. Most animals learn about a potential mate’s health from the lips. This is because lips are an amazing source of information about an organism’s breeding capability, as well as general health. It’s why the“sexiness” of lips is often discussed. Medical experts say that features that determine the attractiveness of lips (colour, shine, moistness, and shape) are also indicative of the body’s health in general (more specifically for example, of the liver, urinary tracts, stomach, the immune system, red blood cell levels and nutrition) Hence when we describe lips as being “sexy,” we are actually saying they, and the person the lips belong to are “healthy.” As people grow old, and less healthy, lips tend to lose volume, change colors, and starts to get wrinkles which spread to the surrounding areas. Aging lips, then, are a definitive indicator of growing old. It’s no surprise then, that cosmetics for lips are what women of all ages buy first and most. During times of war or financial difficulty, lipstick sales actually rise. One explanation is that the survival instincts during times of crises are triggered to enhance the appearance of healthy lips. But lips are especially vulnerable to damage. They do not have epidermis, the outer protective membrane other parts of the skin have. Lips are shielded by the dermis, the inner protective membrane. But the dermis in the lips are 50% thinner than the dermis found in other areas of the skin. Lips also do not contain sebaceous glands (which lubricate and waterproof the skin), making them more vulnerable to dehydration. Lips are also more vulnerable microbiological infections and especially prone to burn damages from the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Coupled with other health problems, such vulnerabilities can lead to cuts, openings, and infections. These damages can then lead to further acute pains and aesthetic disasters. Lips and the area surrounding them are particularly sensitive to the sun. As a result, the lower lip tend to change in shape and colour and, and is even a common location for cancer to occur. It’s not surprising then, that the lips are where sun-related aging happens the fastest. Let’s talk about why everyone needs Eleotin®Lip Balm. Our company produces a strong anti-oxidant product called Eleotin®Ma5. Eleotin®Ma5 is made from all natural ingredients. It is known to have very strong anti-oxidation power, many times stronger than that of chemical Vitamin C.  (Please, refer to the description of Eleotin®Ma5 for more information.) We developed a sunscreen product called Eleotin®Pango based on the technology used for Eleotin®Ma5. Eleotin® Pango was also made from all natural ingredients. It is safe enough for a person to ingest. Eleotin® Pango is renown for the protective powers that prevent sun burns, and the healing powers that sooth sun burns. (Please refer to Eleotin® Pango information) Eleotin®Lip Balm takes the process one step further. Eleotin® Lip Balm has a very strong anti-oxidation powers. Based on all natural ingredients, it restores the damaged skin of lips and the surrounding areas.  It is non-toxic. It is safe to ingest.  In a sense, Eleotin® Lip Balm could be the only lip balm known to safely provide sun protection, moisture, as  well as restoration of damaged skins using only high quality organic natural substances such as Sea Buckthorn Oil, Red Raspberry Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Pure Honey. Here, let us remind you that ordinary toxic sun block creams are specially harmful when applied to lips. The habit of licking lips actually dehydrates the lips. The better way to treat dry lips is to occasional apply Eleotin® Lip Balm, which provides protective oils and helps moisten. Speedy recovery of cuts and openings Restoration of Healthy Lip Colors….can be expected. You can expectEleotin® Lip Balm to lead to the speedy recovery of cuts and openings, as well as the restoration of healthy colour to lips.   Volumizing lip treatments and make up are considered essential for people over 30. Eleotin® Lip Balm is known to help the wearer appear five to six years younger than their actual age. Eleotin® Lip Balm also increases the effect of other high quality lip cosmetics. It is perfectly safe to wear with other lip cosmetics. Simply apply Eleotin® Lip Balm, wait until it is fully absorbed, and then apply the other cosmetics.   The health of the lips reflect the health of the rest of the body. Similarly, keeping the lips healthy can help keep the rest of the body healthy too.   You should avoid this product if you are allergic, or may have an adverse reaction to coconut oil, almond oil, sea buckthorn oil, red raspberry oil, carrot seed oil, natural Vitamin E, or pure honey. Follow @NaturalCures222 on Twitter / Follow @YSKimVancouver on Twitter    
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