Eleotin® Kalimera for Cleanse and Detox



Eastern and Western medical philosophies have always held that poor bowel health is the source of many diseases. Diabetes patients are especially at risk. High levels of sugar in the body leads to  sticky sugar sticking to intestinal walls and causing fecal impaction (coprostasis). The coprostasis continuously releases high levels of sugar, making blood glucose control and diabetes treatment difficult for the patient. The resulting high blood glucose levels also confuse nerve signaling and this tends to result in autonomic neuropathy. As a result, the intestines cannot exert itself when it needs to and constipation follows. Prescription drugs for diabetes only aggravate the constipation problem.

Eleotin® Kalimera is 100% made of high quality natural ingredients, and is scientifically proven to safely help curb the excessive appetites of obese people. Eleotin® Kalimera contains extracts of aloe, Kojak (elephant yam), and alfalfa. It not only dissolves the coprostasis, but expands when it reaches the intestines helping to accelerate bowel movement and strengthen the intestines. However, what makes Eleotin® Kalimera unique is its celery extract. In ancient China, the imperial family consumed celery as an anthelmintic medicine to expel parasites such as roundworms. Celery is potent enough to melt coprostasis and get rid of the parasites along with the accumulated waste.

Eastwood Companies worked with research teams at Shennong Pharmaceutical Co., of China’s Tsinghua University for over ten years to replicate the celery therapy practiced by the imperial family with modern scientific methods. The resulting product was incorporated into Eleotin® Kalimera.

As of 2015, Eleotin® Kalimera (Kalimera means “Good Morning” in Greek) may be the only known detox cleanse product on the market that is scientifically proven safe, even for diabetes patients, and also designed to aid healthy blood glucose control. You will be surprised by the amount of waste that leaves your body in the morning (also two or three times throughout the day).

You will be surprised by the amount of waste that leaves your body in the morning (also two or three times throughout the day). Within two or three days, you will notice a dark material with a particularly bad odor. You should not be too surprised considering that this coprostasis contains all the horrible objects that have accumulated in your body for a long time.

Taking Eleotin® Kalimera prior to other Eleotin® products, improves and the effects of the latter. This is consistent with advice of many world famous doctors who tell patients to cleanse the body of toxins before beginning a new treatment or exercise for improving one’s health.