Eleotin® LBM formula (270 Capsules/3 Months)


Recommended for:

  • People with hypertension only: We recommend Eleotin® LBM formula
  • People with diabetes and hypertension: We recommend Eleotin® Gold Capsules or Platinum Tea + LBM
  • General health improvement and Hypertension: We recommend Eleotin®   Prevention Formula + LBM




Understanding the vicious cycle of high blood sugar and high blood pressure:

Prescription drugs for high blood sugar raise blood pressure as a side effect. But prescription drugs for high blood pressure raise blood sugar as a side effect. The higher blood pressure requires more prescription drugs, raising blood sugar even higher, which means more prescription drugs raising blood pressure even higher. This vicious cycle damages the liver and kidney, and also cause obesity, heart, and artery problems. To cut this vicious cycle, we have to handle the high blood sugar and high blood pressure simultaneously with safe natural means like diet and exercise, and taking Eleotin®: Eleotin® Bentley for high blood sugar and Eleotin® LBM for hyperactivity of the liver (high blood pressure). Each works greatly for its special purpose. Together they work in synergy for an even greater result. A very effective way to cut the vicious cycle.

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12 Months (3+1), 3 Months

Number of Capsules

270 Capsules