Eleotin® Santorini: Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms* (LUTS) Improvement Product


*Includes Male Prostate Symptoms.

Eleotin® Santorini is the only known safe and natural treatment for the lower urinary tract that can be used for diabetes patients, and men and women alike. Both men and women can benefit from taking Eleotin® Santorini for an extended period of time, and drinking plenty of water during this regime. The lower urinary tract will be generally cleansed (including the prostate for men), and the body in general will become healthier.


It contains cranberry sourced from a specially contracted farm in Canada, where the best cranberries in the world come from. Cranberries are especially helpful by preventing various problematic bacteria from sticking to the lower urinary tract, and enabling the body to flush it away. Eleotin® Santorini also contains natural zinc extracted from oysters, and is readily absorbed by the body. There is no danger of absorbing too much. Most importantly, Eleotin® Santorini contains no saw palmetto.


Drugs that treats prostatic hyperplasia, a common LUTS, can conflict with drugs that treat diabetes.  For example, saw palmetto is commonly used for prostatic hyperplasia. But saw palmetto can conflict with drugs prescribed for diabetes, and result in harmful side effects. Saw palmetto itself can worsen diabetes. And a dangerous cycle beings.

But Eleotin® Santorini contains no saw palmetto. Diabetes patients do not need to worry about taking it for their lower urinary tracts. Eleotin® Santorini can also be used by currently healthy people to prevent lower urinary tract symptoms from starting.