Metabolic Normalization through Eleotin Products: Reported at various professional seminars

CHAPTER 5:  ELEOTIN-Mb – A Dietary Supplement for Basic Metabolism

          How was Eleotin-Mb Discovered?

Eleotin-Mb is one of the Eleotin series of products manufactured and sold by Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Inc. (Eastwood).  The first of the Eleotin products, Eleotin A, B, and C, were designed to treat diabetes.  They have been marketed since April 1998 and received considerable world wide media attention.  Twenty-six major magazines and newspapers in North America, five major Chinese newspapers, two major Japanese newspapers and nine major Korean newspapers have reported on Eleotin.  Eleotin sales are growing steadily and they now sell in many countries including Canada, the U.S., Japan, Korea and China.   The Eleotin series has received the appropriate government approvals in all of these countries. Eleotin-Mb was developed as the second product group of Eastwood.  Here is the story behind how it was developed.

After a few months of the release of Eleotin A, B, and C in North America, Eastwood began to receive some unusual reports from our Seattle and Los Angeles distributors.  They indicated that there were several women purchasing our products for weight control purposes.  These comments continued through out 1998, but since Eastwood was concentrating on the initial Eleotin series product launch they did not pay too much attention to these reports.  Then in early 1999, Eastwood presented their Eleotin series to one of the most important leaders of the American Diabetes Association.  He recommended that Eastwood should seriously consider paying more attention to the weight control aspects of the Eleotin products.  He made the following comments during the seminar about Eleotin A, B, and C: if any diabetic treatment works to provide some permanent beneficial effects on diabetes like Eleotin A, B, and C then that same product should also have similar permanent effects for weight control.  He also joked that our technology has a better financial future as a weight control product since the market is ten times larger than the diabetes market.

Based on these valuable comments, the company decided to investigate the weight control idea further.  They investigated the various physiological changes of 6,000 previous Eleotin users. They found out that overweight users had lost 5-10% of their total body weight, and, underweight users did not lose any weight.  Furthermore, obese users who had lost weight did not regain the weight after stopping Eleotin treatment.  There were cases where people have lost 15 pounds (about 7kg) in a month and nearly 20kg in a period of 3-4 months. The weight loss was permanent. No side effects have been detected. Most individuals using Eleotin experienced a tremendous improvement in their general health. All of these effects lasted long time after the individual stopped taking Eleotin.

Encouraged by these findings, Eastwood began to develop a product specifically for obesity, as opposed to diabetes treatment.  After many experiments and consultation with the University of Calgary, Eastwood succeeded in developing a new product for healthy weight control named Eleotin-Mb.  Eleotin-Mb was derived from the Eleotin formula by removing some of the diabetes specific ingredients and adding nutrients necessary for balancing the metabolism. While, Eleotin-Mb does not have short term blood glucose control effects which Eleotin A, B, and C have, Eleotin-Mb still has insulin sensitivity and insulin production enhancing effects.  After Eastwood conducted a lot of tests to firmly establish its efficacy and safety of Eleotin-Mb, they have now begun to market this product.

The concept of a diabetes product being helpful for obesity treatment, should be very clear now.  Remember, diabetes and obesity are the two sides of the same coin.  If there is a technology or product which can help one, it is quite predictable that the same technology when properly modified will help the other. In a sense, Eastwood Eleotin technology that reverses diabetes through natural means, is the ideal platform technology to develop a safe and effective technology to safely reverse the vicious cycle of obesity through natural means, too.

 How does Eleotin-Mb Work?

Eleotin-Mb works in two primary ways to help an overweight person lose and control their weight:

1)         Improves Insulin Sensitivity & Energy Consumption ?One of the primary defects created in the metabolism from the vicious cycle of obesity is insulin resistance.  That is, over time an overweight person’s insulin becomes less effective in removing blood sugar from the blood stream into the cells.  The result is the person adds fat more readily since the sugars in their blood are not processed efficiently.  Eleotin-Mb revitalizes the process through which blood sugar is converted into energy in the muscle and liver cells.  It revitalizes and improves the speed at which insulin binds with our cells.  This improved insulin-binding transfers more of the blood sugar energy to their proper destination.  Eleotin-Mb limits excessive blood sugar from converting into fat or remaining in the blood system to damage the other parts of the body.  The more efficient our insulin is at removing blood sugar the better it is for our body.  If we regulate our diet, this higher metabolism will begin to burn off the accumulated body fat in our body after it is finished with the blood sugar presently in our blood system.  In this way, Eleotin-Mb can be said to improve the body’s metabolism for insulin sensitivity (making it more sensitive) and energy consumption (assists the body to burn more blood sugar).

2)         Insulin Production Stimulated & Energy Consumption – Eleotin-Mb also increases the amount of  insulin produced by the pancreas.  Eleotin-Mb helps stimulate insulin production in a natural way that is unlike hypoglycemic drugs.  Eleotin-Mb’s insulin secretion stimulation is more gradual and less strong that hypoglycemic drugs.  Since Eleotin-Mb does not put a large strain on the pancreas, the pancreas does not become resistant to its assistance.  Increasing insulin production enables the person to further reduce their blood sugar levels. Increased insulin secretion and increased insulin sensitivity work hand in hand to break the vicious cycle of obesity.  Remember insulin is a core hormone of our body’s energy metabolism process.

Eleotin-Mb does not have any reported side effects.  Eleotin-Mb is a derivative product from Eleotin A, B, and C.  Eleotin A, B, and C is also a very safe product.  Eleotin-Mb works in a slow gradual manner because it attacks the very heart of the metabolic imbalance that exist for overweight people.  Although the weight loss is gradual and consistent once it starts, people have indicated that this weight loss is more permanent in nature.

So far as Eastwood know there are no other diet products who are making similar claims or can substantiate the above modes of actions.  Compared to the existing diet methods which often cause serious side effects, Eleotin-Mb does not have such side effects.  No resistance and dependence develop even if Eleotin-Mb is used for a long time.  Eleotin-Mb revitalizes the muscle tissues and liver tissues, thus aiding the burning of excessive blood sugar in the muscle tissues. Such cellular level improvements remain a long time. Even after people stop using Eleotin-Mb, the benefits still remain.  Based on our Eleotin A, B, and C series of products we know these cellular changes sometimes remain as long as two years.  As far as we know, Eleotin-Mb is the only dietary supplement that attacks the basic metabolism problems in this manner, and scientifically substantiates such claims.

What Happens when Underweight People Take Eleotin-Mb?

Why should we care about the effect of Eleotin-Mb on underweight people?  Well, the effects of a certain weight control product on an underweight person gives us important information about the product.  It tells us a lot about how the weight control product works.  If a weight control product make underweight people lose additional weight, we have to be really careful about the toxicity, and side effects of this product.  This also indicates that the product is not working in conjunction with the body’s basic metabolism.  Thus you must be concerned about how this product is working and how your basic metabolism will be damaged.  Therefore, what happens to an underweight person when a weight control product is used on him provides important information about the safety of a weight control product, and how the product really works.  When a person of normal weight takes Eleotin-Mb, they will experience no change in their body weight but they will feel more energy.  Underweight people may even gain weight, when they take Eleotin-Mb.  Why?  Eleotin-Mb normalizes the metabolism which went wrong and thus it returns the person to a more normal weight.  Therefore, if a person’s metabolism is normal, in the first place, they will only experience an improvement in their health without any weight reduction or gain.

Eleotin-Mb is not just targeted to people who want to reduce weight. Eleotin-Mb will also assist people who just want to improve their health and experience more energy.  This point is one of the decisive differences of Eleotin-Mb from the other existing weight control products. So far as we know, except that of Eleotin-Mb, there are no comparative studies in which the effects on obese people are compared with non-obese people in response to a weight control product. Up until now, the focus was “how fast and how much pounds are reduced? Therefore, they did not even look at the effects on non-obese people.  If Eastwood had developed Eleotin-Mb as a weight control product from the beginning, they may have made the same mistakes.  But, Eastwood was fortunate, they had developed the Eleotin series first to assist diabetics.  Therefore, there were many valuable opportunities to test this product on non-obese people.  As of 1999, Eastwood claims that Eleotin-Mb is the only metabolism normalizing weight control product in the world whose safety and modes of actions are tested extensively on non-obese people as well as obese people.

 Weight Recovery?

Regaining the weight you initially lost is always a concern.  Weight can be regained if a person does not change a wrong life style (e.g. poor eating or exercise habits).  Eleotin-Mb normalizes the metabolism, it gives a person a second chance to start again.  However, if the person abuses this fresh start and then redamages his basic metabolism again, the weight will be regained.  But, as long as a person maintains a normal life style, the lost weight does not come back.  The corrected metabolism remains in tact.  This is in contrast to most of the other weight control methods.  Since these methods did not address how to improve the basic metabolism, individuals using these methods gain back their weight lose even though they maintain a normal life style.  In sum, Eleotin-Mb’s weight control effects are permanent as long as a person keeps a normal life style.  While the effects of other weight control dietary supplements are temporary even when people maintain a normal life style.

Please note, if a product claims that a person can eat as much as they wish and still keep the weight off, there is a serious problem with this product.  The claims of such a product are probably false as it goes against everything know about weight control.  Eleotin-Mb does not promise such things.  Most obese people that are seeking help are tied up in the vicious cycle of obesity.  Eleotin-Mb promises to liberate people from such vicious cycles so that when they eat and exercise normally and so they can stay away this vicious cycle permanently.  Eleotin-Mb is a normalizer of metabolism, however, it is not a license to an unhealthy lifestyle. In sum, Eleotin-Mb normalizes the metabolism. As long as this metabolism is not destroyed again, the weight will stay at healthy levels.

Is Eleotin-Mb Safe?

Safety is the most important feature of Eleotin-Mb. All the ingredients of Eleotin-Mb have been used for a few thousand years in Asia, either as medicinal herb, or, as a food.  Also, various countries classify all the ingredients as food, as opposed to medicinal herbs, recognizing its safety and rich nutrition.  All the ingredients are all safe even when consumed in a substantial quantity, and for a long time.  This is proven scientifically.  Rigorous toxicity tests in animals and heavy metal tests are performed and well recorded.  Independent testing agencies and government agencies of Korea, Japan, and China also certified Eleotin to be safe. Plus, during the year of 1998, more than 6 thousand people used the Eleotin series products, reporting no safety concerns.

Any Side Effects or Drug Interactions?

So far, Eastwood has had virtually no side effects for the Eleotin series of products.  All the ingredients are very well known and they are known to be free of any side effects even when consumed in large quantity.  Various studies on the ingredients are also in our aforementioned web site.  Eleotin-Mb has also not had any side effects or drug interactions.

However, a small percentage of people unaccustomed to herbal remedies may find they experience a brief homeopathic response.  Only people that are very sensitive to herbals experience this mild reaction.  It is a sign that the body is starting to respond to the herbal treatment. As long as it disappears in a couple of weeks, there is nothing to worry about.  If it really bothers you, just reduce the dosage for a few days.  We also caution people with severely damaged kidneys or livers since they should be careful about taking any product, even Eleotin-Mb.  Eleotin-Mb is safe and effective for these people but these individuals should start with very small dosages.  Over time they can increase the dosage gradually in line with their body뭩 ability to handle natural herbs increase. In such cases one eighth of the normal dosage to start with may make sense (without water for those with kidney problems).

How do you Prepare and Take Eleotin-Mb?

Eleotin-Mb is packaged in two boxes and each contains 15 (8-gram) pouches per box. The two boxes contain slightly different herbal combinations.  The boxes are to be used alternately, one pouch for one whole day.  Two boxes will last one-month as there is 30 total pouches.

Eleotin-Mb is prepared and consumed like a tea.  One 8-gram pouch makes at least 2 strong tea drinks or 3 to 4 weaker drinks.   Each day please consume 1 full pouch from box M or B.  That is, in one day make and consume 2-4 tea drinks.  For best results tea should be taken on an empty stomach.

The preparation instructions are a simple as: Mix 4 grams (1/2 pouch) of Eleotin-Mb with boiling water and let steep for 5-10 minutes.  Drink when appropriate temperature.  The Eastwood web site also has a list of many other ways to prepare Eleotin-Mb.  For example there is the traditional Chinese brewing method (the best method for efficacy), microwave method, thermos method, and you may even sprinkle Eleotin-Mb directly on food.

Since Eleotin-Mb’s preparation instructions ask you to use a great deal of herbal powder, you may find you are left with some herbal sediment after you drink the tea.  The sediment is extremely beneficial and should be either immediately consumed with some additional hot water or reused to make another drink.

The sediments still contain some precious ingredients and high-quality natural fibers.  However, some people find it difficult to swallow the sediment because they have sensitive stomachs. These people should consume the liquid only. Remember to reuse the sediments only one more time.  For those individuals who want quicker results, they may consider increasing the dosage or the frequency of the intake so that they consume 1-2 pouches per day.


For individuals with a weak stomach, it is better to start with small dosage (1/2 pouch per day) and then increase the dosage with time. Individuals with bad kidneys or liver, it is recommended to start with a very small dosage (1/8 pouch per day) and increase with time. When a serious kidney problem prevents people from taking any liquids, one should start taking small amount of powder only. Finally, as a general rule, pregnant women and infants should be careful when taking any medicine or dietary supplements. They should take mild foods only.

Balanced Eating Habits

As discussed before, Eleotin-Mb helps to liberate people from the vicious cycle of obesity that makes normal eating almost impossible. Once, normal metabolism is attained, healthy eating habits are essential to maintaining healthy weight. We should be very skeptical when we hear that a weight control product allows people to eat anything they like. We doubt whether these claims are true.  Something must be very wrong, if we are eating a lot of food and this do not lead to putting on additional weight.  Nothing replaces healthy eating habits.  Eleotin-Mb helps correct our metabolism so that when we eat the right amount we naturally lose weight.  However, Eleotin-Mb does not replace a balanced and healthy diet.

Can Alcohol be Consumed with Eleotin-Mb?

Generally, alcohol is prohibited when most drugs and herbal medicines are being taken.  When taking Eleotin-Mb, alcohol should not be consumed.  Eastwood discovered during testing of the Eleotin series that alcohol severely diminishes the effectiveness of the product.  In any case, try to minimize your alcohol intake while on Eleotin-Mb, so you can experience the benefits of the product as soon as possible.

Does the Body Develop any Resistance to Eleotin-Mb?

Eleotin-Mb seems to be one of the few weight control products that does not develop any resistance.  For other products, users often have to increase the dosage as time passes.  Also the body becomes dependent upon those products after a while.  But, Eleotin-Mb is different from those products in that Eleotin-Mb does not develop any resistance, or any dependence.  On the contrary, once, the normal metabolism is re-established with the help of Eleotin, the need for Eleotin-Mb is reduced until eventually it is not needed. The signal being delivered by Eleotin-Mb to the body is so mild and so natural that body does not develop any resistance and the effects are deeper and longer lasting.

How Long Should I Take Eleotin-Mb Before the Effects Start?

The time period varies according to the seriousness of obesity and the dosage. To an individual with a comparatively mild condition, it takes about two months until any definite effect is evident and about 6 months until one can experience the full tangible results. Remember we are talking about metabolic changes so this is not a quick miracle cure.  To a person who is suffering from serious obesity and related complications, it will take about 4-5 months for any tangible effect to start and about one year until a firm satisfactory result can be experienced.

Even though there are wide range of individual variations, Eastwood has detected certain patterns of how the various effects of Eleotin-Mb emerge over time.  The pattern they have observed is that there is an initial quiet period in which no tangible effects what so ever can be recognizable.  Then, there is a ‘feeling better’ stage where one starts to feel better due to the underlying changes being made.  Then, actual weight loss takes place.  Therefore, when you are ‘feeling better’ but not losing weight, you must be very patient. The weight loss is just around the corner. If the initial quite period seems to last more than 1 month, then you may consider increasing the initial dosage.  Eleotin-Mb is a safe product, therefore you may increase the dosage by double with no additional danger.

We also point out that Eleotin-Mb is the only weight control product that we know of now, which allows people to stop after a certain period of time. All other weight control dietary supplements are usually taken permanently if one does not want to regain the weight lost

Eleotin-Mb and Diabetes

We have explained this extensively before. Let us repeat that Eleotin-Mb is a derivative technology of the Eleotin series of products which were originally developed for diabetes treatment and control. Even though Eastwood has removed the short term blood glucose control herbs when it made Eleotin-Mb, Eleotin-Mb still has many of the long term glucose control herbs that are in the Eleotin series of products.  Of course, for serious diabetes control or prevention, the original Eleotin series of products is far superior.

Improved Sexual Energy?

According to those who have taken Eleotin-Mb, overall energy improvements occur.  Sexual energy improvement claims are also quite common.  Considering that Eleotin-Mb cleanses the capillaries and improves nerve problems, it is quite predictable that erectional difficulties are corrected with Eleotin-Mb.  In the ‘feeling better’ stage mentioned above, improvement in sexual energy is the most often heard testimony.

Improvement of Sleeping Quality?

The next often heard testimony is the improvement of the quality of sleep. Obese individuals may experience a discomfort from nerve disease. Often, the whole body aches especially during the night.  They are deprived of a comfortable sleep. Even after falling asleep, frequent urination can also prevent an overweight individual from a full night’s rest.  All of this leads to feeling even more tired the next day. This creates another vicious cycle where the sleep disorders result in chronic fatigue.  However, for individuals who take Eleotin-Mb, a sound night’s rest is obtainable.  The intake of Eleotin-Mb revitalizes the general metabolism balance and this corrects the sleeping disorder at the same time.  Cleasing capillaries and nerves of those unhealthy fats, result in a more comfortable and sound sleeping pattern. Urination becomes less frequent in the night as the individual’s urination has become greater in quantity.  These improvements help sleeping quality.

Why is it Named Eleotin-Mb?

Eastwood borrowed the Eleotin name from the Greek biblical word “ELEOS”. “ELEOS” means God’s special care for us. Often, the word means “grace” or “mercy”.  Eastwood believed it was a good name that reflected the quality and nature of their health products.  This is why the name Eleotin was used. Afterwards, ‘Mb’ was used because the weight control product is composed of two boxes – a M box and a B box.  The M box contains Multiple nutrients which are needed to normalize a person’s metabolism.  The B box is the same box as Eleotin B from our original Eleotin A, B, and, C.  The B box cleanses, while the M box provides rich nutrients. That is why we recommend alternate usage.

Eleotin-Mb Evaluated Against the Criteria for Judging a Sensible Weight Control Method

As we indicated in Chapter 3 there are seven criteria to judge the sensibility of a weight control method.  Now that we have described the product, let us judge Eleotin-Mb by these seven criteria.

1)   Whole Body Approach – Eleotin-Mb is effective on the whole body because it improves how insulin functions within the whole body.

2)   Basic Metabolism Normalization – Eleotin-Mb concentrates its efforts to boost or normalize a person’s metabolism.

3)   Pain & Effect on Outlook – Drinking Eleotin-Mb is not painful at all.  Also a person’s outlook improves as they enter the ‘feeling better’ stage as their energy levels begin to rise.

4)   Lack of Side Effects – As already discussed, Eleotin-Mb is a very safe herbal tea.

5)   No Resistance or Dependence – As already discussed, Eleotin-Mb works in a gentle manner so no resistance or dependence is created.  Eventually the individual can also stop taking Eleotin-Mb after their metabolism has been balanced.

6)   Long-term in Nature – Eleotin-Mb provides an individual with the opportunity of not just weight loss but permanent weight loss.  A corrected metabolism coupled with a health diet and exercise program will lead to permanent weight loss.

7)   Convenience – Eleotin-Mb is a tea and therefore very convenient to drink.

Eleotin-Mb received high marks in all seven areas.  Eleotin-Mb is a sensible method to assist you in controlling and losing weight.  Eleotin-Mb is effective at boasting or correcting your metabolism and works best when used in conjunction with other sensible weight control methods such as stress lowering techniques, exercise programs and a healthy diet.

 For More Information

For more information or any questions on Eleotin-Mb can be directed to Eastwood’s main office. The telephone number is 1-604-247-2100 and the fax number is 1-604-247-2101. E-mail us at

Appendix 1. Comparison of the existing obese treatment methods.

Appendix 2. Weight control effect of Eleotin-Mb (1).

Appendix 3. Weight control effect of Eleotin-Mb (2).

Appendix 4. Mechanisms of Eleotin Mb.