The Therapeutics Of ELEOTIN : 5.0. SUMMARY

ELEOTIN is a new herbal combination treatment of Type II diabetes, also known as non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). ELEOTIN comprises several medicinal plants proved effective in reducing blood glucose levels in diabetic animals. ELEOTIN also proved effective in restoring general health of diabetic patients. The possible mechanism of action of the composition involves a combination of


1) Increased expression of insulin receptors in hepatocytes and skeletal muscles,

2) Increased insulin secretion in pancreatic ß-cells,

3) Inhibition of alpha-glucohydrolase activity,

4) Increase in the levels of the GLUT (glucose transporter) 2 protein in pancreatic ß-cells.

ELEOTIN also proved effective in reducing blood glucose levels and restoring the general health of diabetic humans.

Therapeutic implications of the above findings are:

1) ELEOTIN seems to be a strong candidate for both a short-term and long-term treatment of NIDDM.

2) ELEOTIN is safe for a long-term use due to its non-toxicity and combination approach.

3) ELEOTIIN seems to provide safeguards against occasional hypoglycemia.

4) ELEOTIN seems to be not only compatible with but also supportive of other diabetes related treatment such as insulin injection and oral hypoglycemic agents.

5) ELEOTIN does not seem to develop any resistance with long-term usage.