Best Diabetic & Hypertension Drug of the Year Award

Eleotin Wins ‘Best Diabetic Drug of the Year’ Award!

Eleotin, the world’s only known 100% natural normalization treatment for metabolic diseases, has been selected the winner of ‘Best Diabetic & Hypertension Management Drug of the Year 2010’ award by the government of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Institute for Government Research & Leadership Technology (IGRLT), a Nigerian state-run institution, announced on October 4 that Eleotin would be awarded the accolade for its contribution to the promotion of health of Nigerian people with its excellent efficacies concerning diabetes and hypertension.

Dr. Moses Essien, Country Director of the IGRLT said in his letter to Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Inc., the manufacturer of Eleotin, that “in the spirit of Nigeria’s 50th Independence celebration, the IGRLT has the honour to make this award go to Eleotin for having outperformed other products in the field of diabetic and hypertension pharmaceuticals in Nigeria.”

There were other motives that compelled the institute to give this award to Eleotin.  Dr. Essien stated the research revealed that the product has contributed to:

• Reduction of disease, unemployment, poverty, crime and other social vices
• Development of human capital and resources
• Growth of Nigeria’s economy

Some of the parameters and performance indicators that are looked at for this award are:

• Compliance with government regulatory laws and guidelines
• Efficacy of the product
• Product’s quality and value creation
• Product’s acceptability, satisfaction and endorsement
• Corporate general performance and track record

Eleotin has been distributed in Nigeria since it obtained the government approval as a pharmaceutical product (license number: A7-0179L) in 2007.  Nigeria, with the population of 140 million, has shown an explosive growth of diabetics as people are rapidly adopting Western life styles which are making them more prone to metabolic disorders.

The IGRLT, established in 2006, is a part of Nigeria Registered Project Initiative of the African Foundation.  Its council members include prestigious scholars in the field of economy, technology, and public policy.


Eleotin is the only known 100% natural normalizer of long term chronic metabolic disorders such as diabetes. Eleotin is approved in many countries.