Next Avandia?

Next Avandia?

We all heard a lot about Avandia, a diabetes drug.  Many people died of heart attacks due to its side effects…

This is not an isolated incident for this particular diabetes drug.

This is a pattern that has been repeated for many years for many other diabetes drugs in the past and repeat many times in the future under different brand names by different manufacturers.

OK, the pattern:

1) A ‘sensational’ diabetes drug is ‘invented(?)’ by a major multi-national pharmaceutical company.  Its stock value goes up through the roof by many many billions of dollars.  The company spends billions of dollars to promote the new drug and every newspaper, TV station, and magazine in the world talks about it.  The company pays billions and billions of dollars to doctors who prescribe this drug.

2) The company usually makes 6-10 billions of dollars a year by selling the drug.

3) In 3-4 years, some deaths are reported and many (sometimes 7-8%) patients complain about many side effects.  But nobody pays attention.

4) Some doctors raise their voice.  But immediately, their opinions are silenced by famous diabetes scholars and prestigious universities whose conclusions are “No, it is not entirely conclusive, statistically abnormal hetero-stochastic outlying confidence level…”  Nobody knows what it really means.  True, that is exactly what they intended. Obfuscate.  The whistle blowers are persecuted and marginalized in academia for being skunks in a party in which everybody is having a great time.  Many argue that there are safer alternatives, but these people are derided and scorned.  Many people attack these doctors as ‘quacks’ and ‘un-scientific.’

5) Patients keep dying and pharmaceutical companies keep making billions of dollars.

6) The danger of the drug becomes an open secret.  Patients keep dying and pharmaceutical companies keep making billions of dollars.

7) Too many people begin to die to be kept as secret.  The deaths are reported to FDA.  FDA, rather than investigating the problems from a critical viewpoint, leaks the story, in a crony friendly way, I mean a quiet way, to the pharmaceutical company to get prepared for the potential future problem.  The drug company slowly activates the ‘exit plan’, which had already existed.

8) The company issues a statement that strongly argues that there is no danger.  They usually say that the wife of the president also uses the same drug.  Really?  Who cares?  Patients keep dying and pharmaceutical companies keep making billions of dollars.

9) Hundreds of thousands provable victims appear.  Then, only then, FDA starts investigations.  But, Patients keep dying and pharmaceutical companies keep making billions of dollars.

10) Massive class actions start.  The pharmaceutical company is found to have had the knowledge about the danger from the beginning.  FDA and scholars were found not really financially independent from the pharmaceutical company.

11) The pharmaceutical company drags the litigation on and on and on.  Settling some, fighting some.  The stock price usually goes down.  But, the stock price sometimes goes higher back when manipulated by some news provided by the pharmaceutical company.  In any way, by this time, original shareholders have already sold their shares long time ago, having realized the astronomical gains.  Billions of billions of dollars.

12) The stock price eventually goes down and down.  Then, the company is acquired by another pharmaceutical company.

13) After a few years, nobody remembers the name of the drug and name of the company that does not exist anymore.

14) The above 1) starts under different names by different companies.

15) Then, the above 2

In our next few newsletters, we will show what are the next Avandia’s and how to protect yourselves from them.  Also, how would you know whether you were a victim, and if you are already a victim of these drugs, we will guide you how to get helps.

Dr. Youngsoo Kim
Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Inc.


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