Eleotin® Male Cleansing & Empowerment Tea


Eleotin® Male Cleansing and Empowerment improves obesity/ diabetes/ hypertension related male sexual problems. Contains no harmful ingredients. Greatly improves general health and metabolism. Leads to long term fundamental male improvements. Backed by studies and testimonials. Safe for hypertension patients. Cleanses capillaries to promote blood flow and restore damaged nerves.

Directions: Each bag contains 30 pouches of Eleotin® Male Cleansing and Empowerment Tea (White Packages). Use one pouch per day; mix with 3 cups of water and taken morning, afternoon and night with an empty stomach.

For more information on Eleotin® Male Cleansing and Empowerment , please visit:
http://www.medireport.com/sex/en/ for more information on Sexual Energy

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