New Discoveries on Brain Health

How to Prevent Memory Loss and How to Get Smarter as You Grow Older

Everybody is afraid of something. Some fear poverty, others premature deaths. Some fear painful long-term illnesses. Personally, I fear memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s. Several people dear to me suffered from this dreadful disease. All the more tragic was that they all used to be very bright people with loving personalities until Alzheimer’s gradually changed them into ‘some people’ totally different. More precisely, they turned into ‘no people.’ Their former ‘precious’ selves were gone, yet they just managed to physically survive years, many, long years. That is what I fear.

More dreadful is the feeling of helplessness. Such hopelessness and helplessness engulfs the patients themselves and those around them during the slow and deadly process of gradually losing so many precious memories and characteristics. Given the choice, I would rather have a shorter life of awareness, rather than a longer one with this disease. The disease is a nightmare: no memory of the past experiences that shaped and matured me, no inkling of all the things I strived to learn, and not even any recognition of the loved ones for whom I was ready to sacrifice so much. Sadly, many of us do not have a choice. With all of its remarkable advances, modern medical science still has no satisfactory solution. Not only do we have no cure for Alzheimer’s, we do not really know how to prevent it. What’s worse is that Alzheimer’s is beginning to afflict more and more people, and at increasingly younger ages.

But, there is good news.
According to recent discoveries, we can finally do something about Alzheimer’s. It has been found that a significant portion of Alzheimer’s cases, perhaps more than half, are linked to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is our bodies’ failure to use insulin efficiently. You’ve probably heard how it causes diabetes, obesity and hypertension. It is actually the underlying root cause of most metabolism syndromes. Now, it is even linked to Alzheimer’s disease. As insulin resistance is a common cause both for diabetes and Alzheimer’s, diabetes patients are exposed to higher risks of getting afflicted with this disease so much so that Alzheimer’s has even been called Type 3 Diabetes.
I am excited to report in this newsletter, that we can do something about insulin resistance. This means we can do something about more than half the cases of all Alzheimer diseases. We can greatly improve the chances of preventing the disease and improving the conditions of patients even if a disease was not completely prevented. Furthermore, we can do something to enhance the memory and other cognitive functions of ordinary adults.
We can do something to prevent memory loss, and we can even do something to get smarter as we grow older. Please click here to read 3 important articles about these new scientific discoveries and how you can protect your brain.
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Dr. Youngsoo Kim
Eastwood Bio-Medical Research